Our Team


Matus Posvanc
director, analyst

Ivona Holzerova
project manager

Martin Reguli

Senior Fellows: Martin Mensik, Martin Jurco, Tomas Puchly

Junior Fellows: Filip Vacko, Boris Kucera, Jozef Dzuris, Tomas Zemko, Kristina Lorkova, Valeria Tunegova, Patrik Gallo, Jakub Jablonicky, Martin Chovanec


F. A. Hayek Foundation

The F. A. Hayek Foundation is an independent and non-political, non-profit organization, founded in 1991, by a group of free-market oriented Slovak economists.


The core mission of the F. A. Hayek Foundation is to establish a tradition of market-oriented thinking in Slovakia – an approach that had not existed before the 1990’s in our region. From this classic liberal tradition, to offer practical reform proposals for market solutions to economic and social problems; in the reform process to widen and propagate throughout Slovakia classic liberal ideas, provide a platform to exchange of ideas of experts and the broader public, and develop the basic liberal ideas and values.


The F. A. Hayek Foundation remains active in several main issues of public policy: improvement of business environment, pension reform, taxation, social system, public finance, EU integration and harmonization, privatization, education reform, and many others. Members of the foundation served as chief aides to, and were ideological fathers of, several public policy reforms, such as the pension reform (the core system proposal later adopted by the government was developed by the foundation’s experts), introduction of flat tax, privatization of utilities, to mention the most important ones.

One of the most successful projects of our institute was the founding of the Slovak Taxpayers Association, which fights against excessive financial tax burdens on citizens and businesses and tries to increase the public awareness about tax matters. Every year, the Slovak Taxpayers Association calculates and announces the Tax Freedom Day date (the campaign includes a mass media coverage). Meanwhile, it has become of the best recognized public policy organizations in Slovakia, with 51 % brand public recognition according to a recent public opinion poll.

In 2004, The F. A. Hayek Foundation was awarded the distinguished Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence for its impact and efforts in promoting liberty and market principles in Slovakia. In addition to this, a special USD 10,000 grant and Templeton Freedom Prize for Initiative in Public relations were awarded to the F. A. Hayek Foundation by US-based organizations, The John M. Templeton Foundation and Atlas Economic Research Foundation.


Throughout more than a dozen years of its existence, the F. A. Hayek Foundation has been one of the most well-known think tanks in Slovakia. Our institute has built up an excellent international reputation, as shown by its working cooperation with many renowned institutions from the whole world. The Foundation has invited and hosted many individuals visiting Slovakia, among others the Nobel Prize winning economist, Gary Becker; father of the first radical social security reform in Chile, José Pinera; famous Flat Tax promoter and US presidential candidate, Steve Forbes; or author of the most successful economic reform of the 20th century from New Zealand, Sir Roger Douglas.

There is a wide spectrum of activities with F.A. Hayek Foundation’s involvement, from important research projects,  currently including, for example, the Business Environment Audit (focusing on regulatory reform), through regular and very successful education programs, to prestigious international conferences and publishing activities. The foundation is involved in several reform projects at the municipal level, consulting towns and cities to outsource their services to private firms, improve their city management and budget responsibility. The common denominator of all our activities is the principal support for individual liberty and the institution of private property.