Duisburg Discount Card

1. Brief Description of the Problem: A discount card for heating, water and gas distributor customers of a city

2. Country: Germany

3. Type of local government: City

4. Name of local government: Duisburg

5. Years of implementation: 2007-present

6. Detailed Description of the Problem: 

More and more households have been rejecting cooperation with municipal distributors and suppliers of heating, water and gas. Thus local government and its associated companies were having problems to stop the outflow of the customers.

7. Detailed description of problem resolution strategy:

To address the problem the energy supplier in Duisburg, Germany (Stadtwerke Duisburg AG) has prepared an attractive product in the form of customer discount card for the families still dependent on their services. The card would stick those families to the municipal distributors. It allows customers to apply symbolic (approximately 10%) discount for tickets of the zoo, theater, cinema or car hire service not only in this city.

8. Description of the results of the project:

The card brings benefits to the city of Duisburg and municipal companies as they maintain their customers. The card is also beneficial for the customers as much as they have a chance to get discounts on the amenities which are not accessible to any other households and the discounts provided for the customers highly effect on the offers of the municipal authorities.

9. Sources used:


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