Private association

Brief description of the solved problem: Private association, which taking care of development of district
Country of the origin: USA
Type of theself-goverment: City
Name of the self-goverment: Manhattan, New York, USA
Date of realization: current

Detail description of solved problem

Every public authority, which tries to spend finance effectively, has to solve the  problem to decide, to which area or people to support from public budget. Problem isn´t insufficient of demands, because of there is many subjects, which claim for public resources. Problem is to spend the finances by such meaning, which satisfy the preferences of target group. Next problem is effictivity of resources, because of it is the problem to spend money so to served to the target group with same effectivity like the money were spend by individuals on the basis of their own decision. In many cases the final allocation of funds is identical with the preferences of high ranking officials or the preferences of organised lobby. This information barrier is crucial argument against the activity of the public authority in many areas of social life. If there isn´t possible to restrict the activity of public authority, there can be applied another type of sollution. City can provide the funds from public budget to the individuals, who can invest the funds, which would be expended by the city, to the necessary projects in their area. This type of sollution isn´cost effective, because of the funds must be distributed through the system of public administration (which costs something), but there is effective allocation of funds, because of such system enables to allocate the funds pursuant to the individual prefences.

Detail description of strategy of sollution

The above mentioned strategy applies New York in cooperation with the organization 34th Street Partnership (hereinafter the „SP 34“). SP 34 is association of real estate owners, tennants a city officials, who try to improve enviroment in the part of New York called 34th District. The association was established in 1992. The 34th District stagnated during the seventies and eighties, despite of this is one of the most interesting parts of New York (there is for example Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Penn Station etc.).The goal fo SP 34 was to eliminate unsightly and unsafe conditions like the crime, litter, graffiti, to design and implement street and park improvements, to support the maintenance of these improvements, and to attract world class tennants and merchants to the district and to assist in building of their businesses. SP 34 is finances from the special tax assessment, which is collected by the city and returned to association in the full amount.

Description of results of sollution

SP 34 provides various services. The cleanness of the streets is maintained by 46 employees, who works 3 day per week. They clean the streets, remove the graffiti, clean the informative schedules, repair the benches, paint the water hydrants etc. SP 34 also employes 44 trained constables, who patrol area sixteen hours per day, seven days in week. This security force is in connection with New York Police Department (NYPD), assist in investigation of crimes, identify the offenders and maintain the peace. The association also installs the street furniture, takes care about urban vegetation assists to tourists, event the operate the own taxi business. The special department of SP 34 also helps the retailers by providing of information (statistical information informations, information about the prize of real property etc) and various consulting services.


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