Private operator of cementery

Brief description of solved problem: Private operator of cementery
Country of origin: USA
Type of self-goverment: City
Name of self-goverment: Westminster, South Carolina, USA
Date of realization: 1996 – until now

Detail description of solved problem

Cemeteries in Slovakia are in the most cases managed by self-goverment (city), through organizations financed from the budget of self-goverment. Managing organizations is financed partially from public budget and partially from fees for rent of burial place. Basic economic rules are also applied on this type of business – the prize must be paid in the full amount, and it doesn´t depend upon the fact, that the prize is consisted of fees and the public sources, because of public sources are created by taxes of citizens. Cemetery performed by a city is financed from public sources – budget of the city. Fees aren´t paid in the full „market“ amount because the gap is financed by the city, but public budgets are often restricted, and there is tendency to be deficit, and the city often doesn´t have enough of soures for proper maintenance and the growth of quality of provided services. Market sollution of this problem also enables to select the place and meaning of final resting location due selection of individual. The following sollution describes such alternative private cementery in the natural enviroment.

Detail description of strategy of sollution

The private cementery Ramsey Creek exists in the city Westminster. The similar type of cementery is located also in other american cities (Mill Valley – California, Glendale – Florida, Newfield – New York, Lake Livingston – San Jacinto county, Texas). Dying is business in volume of 26 billion dollars annually. Many people begins to search alternative type of the final resting – Cementery Ramsey Creek provides final resting place in the natural location, which is also protected area, and so is  secured the future inviolability of this place. This state was used by doctor William Campbell, which is famous like the supporter of this meaning of funeral, and in 1998 he established cementery Ramsey Creek. Cemntery Ramsey Creek is preferred especially by individuals with strong relationship to nature, who prefer simpler, more natural approach. Clients evaluate natural character of cementery, which in fact doesn´t differ from common nature, and can be used also for other activities in nature.

Description of results of sollution

The result is natural cementery, which is also protected location, without any concrete vaults. The enviroment isn´t regulated, and it is left in the natural state influenced only with the seasons. Burial are limited to 100 per acre, compared to 1000 per acre in a mmodern cementery. The dirt removed from the grave site is carefully extracted so that the soil profile is retained for replacement. Graves are marked by stones, laid flat on the burial sites, or sometimes are the garves are left unmarked. The position of unmarked grave is documented and there is the possibility to find it through global position system. In the comparison with the traditional funeral is this alternative meaning of funeral substantially cheaper. Clasical funeral costs aproximatelly 6000 dolars, but the funeral in Ramsey Creek only 2500 dollars. The average annual income of household in city Westminster is aproximatelly 32 100 dollars and it is  important saving in comparison to the incomes.   The expenses for the maintenance are also lower. The firm of Mr. Campbell also provide consultig services in all questions connected with this type of funeral.

In this case market sollution enables the better satisfaction of human requirements, and enables to possibility to satisfy the demand for similar „special services“  demanded only by the part of citizens. But the private cemntery is not extraordinary thing in USA and this case isn´t only special case for people which prefer final resting in the nature. The private cemnteries are widespread in all states of USA. One of the most important firms in business of funeral services in USA employees 22 000 employers, operates more than 2000 cementeries and their shares are traded in New York Stoch Exchange. This firm offers wide variety of services for example funeral, burial place, even the making of video record from funeral.

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