Proclamation on Lawful Victory of Welfare Over The Evil

To the hands of all politically active saviors, revolutionists, representatives, policymakers and all other servant authorities.

Dear all, do you know that too many people are not happy on our planet? It does not mean that sometimes people are not “happy” and don’t drink at all.

Too many people don’t belong to the rich, haven’t any guaranties of employment and equal opportunities, they must wake up every morning and perfidiously support themselves by work and be responsible for their lives and lives of their families. And as you stress in your speeches these above-mentioned problems or similar ones are simply evil and we believe in the same.

Don’t you think that this is actually the final countdown for doing something? And there is no other possibility to ask someone else. People have the problems. You solve them. It works, doesn’t it? Although you produce nothing and you alone provide no services for us, you make millions of pages of laws and redistribute what others productively made. Every single day. And even though we are, because of your work, closer and closer to the paradise on the earth, we are still very far from the very end: “welfare for everyone”.

We must, therefore, ask a logical question: “How many laws do you have to make to reach finally general welfare for all of us?” Thousands of them? Millions of them? But it can last too long. Don’t worry! We are coming with solution. The final solution. We have discovered it by the most modern methods. We have observed your political behavior for more than 100 years: achievements and also failures. All data were put into our political-econometrical model. The generated solution is surprising by its simplicity. Actually, it was the only one, according to the fact, that you were doing more than 100 years the same — making the laws. But today, we need just one law! “The Law of getting to have general welfare”.

We urge you, ooh, our dear saviors, to not very big, but on the other hand to the courageous act of salvation of all mankind. We urge, therefore, the UNO, FAO, FAOSTAT, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, UNCEA, UNIFEM, UNITAF, OFFLU, CIFAL, ILO, ITU, World bank, EBRD, IMF, WTO, OECD, EU, EFTA, ASEAN, ACD, SAARC, CIS, SCO, GUAM, African Union, ECOWAS, SADC, IGAD, NAFTA, OAS, CARICOM, OECS, IOC, IOR-ARC, APEC, probably NATO, OSCE and INTERPOL and others, we have forgotten, all the national parliaments, governments, policymakers, MPs to call the exceptional parliamentary sittings to codify the Law that everybody will reach the welfare.

According to our serious research we are coming with some suggestions. The name of the Law would be simple to be understandable for everybody: “The Law about the fact that we are better because of policymakers who break property laws, make redistribution, impose taxes and regulate in the name of us by democratic or other way till the end of all times (The Law of getting to have general welfare)”. Yes, the name of the Law is not finally so simple. But is your work simple?

The basic condition of our common success will be prohibition of perceiving of poverty. It is the condictio sine qua non of the Law! We propose final punishment for those who claim that they are poor. Human elements, who will claim that welfare is almost everywhere but they still do not feel it completely, are dangerous and it is also necessary eliminating them at the very beginning.

The Law should codify the national holidays of having general welfare. We suggest, as examples, for the EU members following holidays and dates: Taxation and getting to have general welfare (March 31st), Enlargement of the EU and getting to have general welfare (May 1st), Youth and getting to have general welfare (September 1st) or Getting to have general welfare and getting to have general welfare (December 24th) when everybody will feel this welfare twice than anytime. We warn you; according to our precise calculation total number of holidays should not exceed 365 or 366 days per year.

Your effort will not be viable without the close international cooperation. Therefore, we immediately suggest creating the International Organization for General Welfare (IOGF). It will be concerned with the most important activities; to monitor the general welfare progress worldwide. It has to publish multicolored books which will describe the situation about the world welfare. The organization will be simultaneously a platform for discussions about the next generation of “human rights for getting to have general welfare”. And it will organize diverse conferences, workshops and meetings on the highest international levels to make everybody understand for that we will have welfare everywhere.

The result of this act will be immense! You will need to solve any particular human problem never more. All problems will be solved automatically and immediately by the Law. Everyone reach welfare and will be happy, smiled and optimistic not only ine the pictures but also in the real life.

Do you want some examples? Do the farmers today whine about small subsidies, unprotected market and about the fact that they are not very well? You have to pass laws today, to take money from people and in the name of the market protection to give the farmers the subsidies. Yes, you will be the heroes for a while! But the outcome of the subsidies means the overproduction and many times the downfall of prices. And what is worse than the downfall of prices always connected with the omen of the evil? Therefore, you have no other chance than to buy the overproduction. And again you have to use other people’s money. However, the prices would be higher than in the other circumstances and you will ask yourself: “Is it unfair to the consumers? ” Therefore, you move to the further regulatory steps which lead into the beginning of this miserable story about your kindness.

Services, you called “public” and which are provided for welfare of humans are another example (as if other services aren’t for public welfare). You supply these services as well as you can. Outcomes? Roads are broken. Public transportation is ineffective. Youth have poor results at schools. Social security and health care are unsustainable. Yes, you try to care about welfare of humans but they are still unsatisfied. Yes, we understand you. Just ingratitude governs the world.

However, everything will disappear after passing the Law. You will not need to think who, via laws, will be saved firstly: scientists or farmers, school children or medical doctors. Everybody will be well. This will be given in the Law! And if something is in the Law, it must be absolute truth. In this way the Law becomes new primum movens of the human history.

Are you laughing at reading these lines? Do you argue that by this Law and regulations themselves there is no possibility to create the state of welfare; that to create the real welfare, it is necessary to produce, trade and make the business? Hohohoh!!! don’t forget your meaningful work!

Let’s talk about the international trade for example: a producer from the country “A” would like to sell his products into the country “B”. How can he export anything without your help? It is surely impossible to put products just into the track and send them abroad without thousands of your permissions. It would be the end of the international trade. It is written in the laws and you work just to improve the international trade. Who cares that the products are after that more expensive and people are poorer?

None of you could doubt that you try to create welfare by the laws. Do you need other examples? Let’s try to talk about laws at school or healthcare system; without laws nothing exists there. What would teachers do? How would they determine that it is necessary to teach children to read, write, count and prepare for the future? All become clear and real only after the passing of laws. Everybody immediately knows what to do. And what about the healthcare? People do not know that they need to save money or insure themselves for healthcare services without the laws. And what about the doctors? They would have no idea what to do with patients or what kind of drugs to prescribe them. Thanks to God that you live with us and you describe everything in the laws.

Your practice is the best example against any jibes. And only the dilettante doesn’t see exceptionality in your practice. You have to help salesmen, farmers, teachers, doctors, scientists, in one word everybody and on the daily basis. And our suggestion is only taking this logic into the gleam of a genius. Imagine the state of welfare after the passing the Law!

And when doesn’t the Law work? You can always accuse a market. After all, what else is more responsible for the poverty and evil in the society? Why could not also be the market responsible for this potential failure? You want to help humans and suddenly somewhere in the middle of the route it fails because of some economical laws.

And who accepts today any economical laws and realize ethical policy of prosperity based on the protection of ownership and try it to enact by generally valid laws? Who reads today any classical works on which your ignorance let thousands of layers of the dust? Today everybody knows that the old wisdoms about the free market without any regulations, low taxes, low public expenditures and minimal regulatory framework lost anything from its clear character a long time ago. Proofs are all around us; your laws and work for our welfare.

Therefore, we came with this ultimate suggestion. By passing the Law, you will ensure the general state of welfare. It will be truth because it will be given in the Law.

Three times hooray to The Law of having general welfare!

P.S.: Just one thing is important: if laws are good for all humans, everything else is unimportant.

Matúš Pošvanc, 26.11.2006

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